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Excel courses teach users to learn foundational knowledge of the Excel interface and settings.

you will learn:

  • and more!

When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills needed to begin creating your own professional spreadsheets, format and manage more advanced spreadsheets (and begin preparation for the Microsoft Office exams).

Course Delivery

Enjoy a fun, self paced learning environment through the use of short on-demand videos, quick quizzes and prove your mastery with content-tailored exams that reinforces with positivity and integrates gamification of achievements.

Purchase a membership of $60 per user license to gain access to all courses available in the course library. Please select Yearly License Plan.

Subscribing to this learning channel will provide 1-YEAR access to all videos within this module. Administrators will have the ability to deploy this learning channel to specific users within the organization by using the Edit Available Courses option within the Administration / Grouping page.