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CyberSecurity User Training

CyberSecurity User Training

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Empowering your employees to recognize common cyber threats can be beneficial to your organization’s computer security. Security awareness training teaches employees to understand vulnerabilities and threats to business operations. Your employees need to be aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities when using a computer on a business network. New hire training and regularly scheduled refresher training courses should be established in order to instill the data security culture of your organization. 

Our most popular user training program for security awareness training. We help thousands of organizations to manage the continuing problem of social engineering. Our mission: Train your employees to make smarter security decisions. 


What You Will Learn:

  • What Are Hackers After?
  • Learn to Identify Cyber Threats?
  • What is the top Cybersecurity concern today?
  • Learn How To Stopping A Cyber-Disaster Before It's Too Late
  • Phishing attacks.
  • Removable media.
  • Passwords and Authentication.
  • Physical security.
  • Mobile Device Security.
  • Working Remotely.
  • Public Wi-Fi.
  • Cloud Security.
  • And More

Course Delivery 

Subscribing to this learning channel will provide 1-YEAR access to all videos within this module. Administrators will have the ability to deploy this learning channel to specific users within the organization by using the Edit Available Courses option within the Administration / Grouping page.

Price is per user yearly license Subscription

This course is available in the following formats: 

  • Virtual on Demand Training
  • Enjoy our Fun instructor-led interactive classes