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Learn How to Host a Successful Digital virtual Event Online!

I You've decided that you want to learn how to host a virtual event! I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to harness the power of live events to create your own economy in the digital world

What is a Virtual Event? 

Odds are you’ve attended a webinar online, watched an on-demand workout class, or joined a meeting using a video conferencing tool. You might even have attended a conference from the comfort of your desk. These are all examples of virtual events. A virtual event is one where individuals experience the event and its content online rather than gathering in-person. Virtual event success depends on aligning event and business goals, identifying key performance indicators to define event success before the event, and analyzing event data and reviewing insights after the event. 


What you will learn!

In this course we teach you how to host a virtual event that is a low-tech training for the absolute beginners. You will be able to get up and running fast without overwhelming heavy tech. Learn course hosts a wealth of knowledge and the latest secrets tips and tricks.  

Let us guide you through the process:


  •  How to fill your event 
  •  Learn how to create your first event
  •  Learn how to get paid 
  •  Event Planning  
  •  Event management 
  •  How to host sponsor at the event
  •  Create an interactive event
  •  Event planning and scheduling
  •  How to choose the platform
  •  Get access to the technical stack
  •  How to charge for the event 
  •  Learn the low tech approach 
  •  How to market the event
  •  How to design and attractable offer 



Course Delivery:


  •   Enjoy our Fun Live Virtual Training
  •  Instructor-led interactive classes
  •  Duration: 3 day - 2 Hour Training Sessions. 
  •  Receive a certificate on completion of the courses 
  •  Check out the etrain4u Business Hub link for more information.
Classes Starting at $1,997.00