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What is the Grant?

This grant supports employers in training new or current employees & staff in

technical skills in response to automation & other technological advancements. 

Available Funds Given 

Under the Technical Training Grant, employers can receive up to 80% of eligible training costs, up to a maximum of $10,000 per employee per fiscal year. The employer is required to contribute the remaining 20%.   

Employers can receive up to $300,000 per fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). All training costs must be paid in full by the employer before reimbursements are sent out.  Receipts will be used to verify that employees and staff do not pay for training or any training-related expenses.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible under the Technical Training Grant, application employees must be unemployed or employed by the applicant.   Employers will need to ensure employees/staff complete & submit a digital Participant Information Form (PIF). Participants will be required to state their current employment status and to identify their job titles before and after receiving training.

Type of Training Accepted

Technical training is defined as: training to develop new skills required to operate machinery, equipment, or use software, an application, or a program. This includes computer programming training needed for the successful adoption of new technological systems, including new manufacturing, production, and construction methods. Training cannot be longer than 52 weeks in length. This is not a bursary program and does not fund full diploma or degree programs. Individual post-secondary courses are eligible, but each study should be relevant to the immediate needs of the business and the available job for the employee, and each class must be applied for in a separate application.

The Expected Outcome?

The immediate result of the training must be improved job-related skills leading to a job for an unemployed person or a better job for a current employee. A “better job” is defined as: Increased pay Promotion or advancement to another position Move from part-time to full-time employment. Move from temporary/casual/seasonal employment to permanent employment. Increased job security (such as training will ensure the participant can maintain employment) Please review the eligibility criteria for more details before applying. Once submitted, applications cannot be moved from one grant to another.

What are you waiting for? 

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